Our history

2014. Law firm “Miskinis & partners” has received an offer to join the international network of lawyers ICC - Commercial Crime Services FraudNet and to become an exclusive representative of this network in Lithuania. 

July 2014. On purpose to develop the forms of legal activity and to maximize the quality of the projects carried out the law firm “Miskinis & partners” was established with offices in Vilnius and Kaunas.

April 2007. Lawyer Algirdas Miskinis became an official representative of the agency of Kingdom of Spain “Familia Universal” that was authorized to act at the time of international adoption in Lithuania. The agency was accredited by the State Child Rights Protection and Adoption Service under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour.

January 2003. The law bureau of lawyer Algirdas Miskinis was reorganized to the law firm.

February 1995. Algirdas Miskinis was added to the list of legal practitioners and became entitled to practice law. The law bureau of lawyer Algirdas Miskinis was established.

February 1990. Algirdas Miskinis obtains a license to practice law.


Vision: Not the biggest, but the most efficient, professional and modern team of lawyers. We strive to become leaders in the areas we come to and stay. 
Our mission: To be a trusted advisor for everybody who entrusts their affairs to us. 


As legal professionals we clearly understand our social liability towards the society and we constantly participate in various Pro Bono Projects. 

We provide free of charge advice to the students of European Humanities University, Vytautas Magnus University and Mykolas Romeris University on legal, promotion of entrepreneurship and tax issues. 

Our community offers students excellent conditions for academic and voluntary practice. The students from Vilnius University, Mykolas Romeris University, European Humanities University, Vytautas Magnus University, Kazimieras Simonavicius University for many years practice with us led by our experienced colleagues. Our firm actively participates in the processes of students' social orientation, cooperates with many Vilnius and Kaunas gymnasiums on purpose to present the legal profession to the students.  

We are the sponsors of Photo Art Festival Kaunas Photo, acted as patronage of Christmas charity fair organized by Alma Adamkiene Charity and Support Fund, non-profit association The European Business Network. Our lawyers are are actively involved in the free program intended for the children adopted by the citizens of the Kingdom of Spain and social communication with Lithuania. 


The central office of our law company is located in Vilnius. We also have branches in Kaunas and Klaipeda.


In August 2015 our branch was established in Klaipeda city.


Our biggest attention is paid on our team-building and professional training. Congenial professionals guarantee a long lasting success. On purpose to achieve a long term success in the modern market of legal services all professionals even if they are especially talented must work in reliable teams and to carry out collective projects instead of working individually.  Therefore formation of the collective of congenial colleagues, continuous training, maintenance of good internal microclimate in our Vilnius and Kaunas offices are recognized as the priority tasks of our firm. 

The persons who want to become the members of our team or to join us for academic or voluntary practice (Bachelors and Masters in Legal Studies) are advised to contact us by email: info@3law.eu .

The students who want to join us for academic or voluntary practice must send us their curriculum vitae (CV), grades and cover letter.